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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to Gaming News Channel’s FAQ section. We will try to cover any major questions here. We are a user-driven site so anyway we can make things easier for you the better.

How do I go about submitting a post on Gaming News Channel?

First things first, you need to create an account. Up in the right hand corner of the site you’ll find a button that says login. Click that to begin registration. You can use your social media accounts or create a WordPress account to login.

  • Once your logged in, the Login button will be replaced with your account icon. You can access your user profile from the drop-down menu next to it. View any and all posts you’ve already completed, plus comments, views and votes on them.

What happens after I login using my social media account or by creating a WordPress account?

You should be ready to post an article on the site once you’re logged in. To do that, you simply click the plus button on the top right of the site located next to your profile icon.

Now that I’m logged in and I know how to post content, how do I comment on other existing posts?

After logging in you will be able to comment on the site without having to do anything extra.

How do the trending and popular pages work? How can I get my content to trend on Gaming News Channel?

It’s all a question of views and votes. Each post has voting options. The more votes a post has the higher it will trend on Gaming News Channel. Your goal is to get your content to go viral. Voting on other people’s content and sharing content to social media sites can help your post(s) trend even more.

Are there any particular guidelines or formatting I should follow when posting?

Yes. We accept many types of links on Gaming News Channel. Such as news, previews, reviews, opinion, videos, or use the random category for anything you like. Each of which are pretty self explanatory with their own relevant categories.

Some rules for each post type:

  • Make sure to include the link to the original post (Gaming News Channel will automatically grab relevant images and text from the URL similar to Reddit)
  • Include a short summary for the link your posting.
  • Add any relevant tags to the post
  • Add the link to the appropriate corresponding category.

What happens after I publish the post? Does it show up on the site instantly?

Yes. Every link you post is automatically posted on Gaming News Channel.

What if I am an other game site owner? Can I publish my links on your site?

Yes! We highly encourage other game site owners to promote their existing content on our platform such as reviews, news and opinion pieces. You can simply add a link to your content to get more exposure and build up back links to your site.

Are you ever looking for help to run the site?

Yes! We are always on the look out for people to help out. We are currently in need of community moderators to help manage discussions and approve comments.

What if I create a profile and I’m missing an Avatar image?

If you use Facebook or Twitter to create an account it should automatically pull your image from those sites. If you create a WordPress account and don’t already have a Gravatar set up you will need to go to Gravatar.com and set up an Avatar using the same email you used to create your account on Gaming News Channel. Once you set it up you should have an image on our site.

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